How Balinese Treat Placenta

In Balinese culture, the birth of a baby is a significant event. Balinese has tradition to bury the placenta at home after a baby is born. The placenta is considered to have a spirit and is believed to have a special connection to the baby. By burying it in a sacred spot on the family property, it is thought to continue to protect the baby. It's also believed that the placenta is a powerful source of spiritual energy, so it is treated with care and respect.

The placenta is believed to have a spiritual or symbolic connection to the baby and is considered as an "older brother or sister." This belief can be related to the placenta's role in nourishing and protecting the baby during pregnancy. 

After the baby is born, the placenta is buried in front of the north building in Balinese compound. North building is where the oldest or the senior family member lives. The baby girl’s placenta is buried on the left side and baby boy’s placenta on the right side. 

A lamp or candle is placed on the spot where the placenta is buried every night until the umbilical cord separation. The night when the umbilical cord separation happens, parents invite relatives and friends to gather and serve them with food and drinks. The parents and other family members will carry the baby all night and never put the baby on the bed to avoid evil spirits disturbing the baby. This tradition is still well kept until now. 

Special offering is placed every 35 days, on the monthly repetition of the day when the baby is born. Another special offering is also placed every 210 days. It is the birthday based on Balinese Wuku Calendar. This ritual is halted until the child's primary teeth fall out.

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